We can be your consultant for the following installations:

  • Audio system
  • Lighting automation system
  • Motorized curtain & shade control
  • Home Cinema
  • Cameras, Intercom and Telephones
  • Security System
  • WiFi system
  • Mirror TV
  • Rack 19 inch


Overview Applications for home automation by themes and functions.

  • Expressing your desires and your needs.
  • Study opportunities on map.
  • Setting a budget for each of the desired functions.
  • Study and design your custom home automation system.
  • Comprehensive, objective analysis of your business needs and advising on opportunities that you might not have thought.
  • Writing specifications and functions.
  • Design comprehensive solutions that combines comfort features , multimedia, security , energy efficiency and autonomy.
  • Technical requirements and writing technical documentation for installers
  • Business consultation and assistance in selection as well as a support to the implementation of functions and resources in collaboration with you.
  • Detailed estimate "turnkey " by function group. You can spread your budget by prioritizing certain functions.


A - Our Services

1. We will provide all the bill of quantity for all the projects.

2. We will provide all the schematic drawings for all the projects.

3. We will provide all the autocad drawings for you and for your electricians

4. We will provide all the necessary information for you and for your electricians how to do the wiring works.

5. We will look after for all the thechnology you need from today onwords.

6 . We will provide all the necessary information for the following:
  • TV coaxial cables, Audio cables, Cat6A cables.
  • Enclosures as per specifications.
  • Lay out of the bus cable.
  • How to install the modules inside the enclosure and connect it with the lights circuits as per specifications.
  • Dimensions will be given in order to prepare cutting of the ceilling for the speakers.
  • All details for the keypads.

B - Commitment from ASI Groupe

  • 3 Visits to key moments in the construction and verification of compliance with your specifications by the installers integrators with attendance at 3 site meetings.
  • Checking the wiring structure and compliance with the plans.