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Luxury Magic Mirror TV


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Italian Design

Offers solutions integrating technology into the furniture & design, aiming at producing emotions, functional and evocative of new lifestyles. Creative mirrors, light effects and natural materials bestow a surreal, enchanted atmosphere in the room for pleasant, interactive living. The Collections are where technology infiltrates contemporary interior design, and the result of passion and skilled craftsmanship merging into art. The traditional television, heart of the home, today reflects a future with technology, flexibility and interactivity viewed from a perspective of environmental compatibility, energy saving and maximising space.

Customizable frame

A wide range of interchangeable classic or modern frames make every customization and creation possible : wooden frames or frames covered with valuable materials like real leather, glitter, alutes (aluminium foil wrap) are the hallmarks of a highly exclusive range of exceptionally high quality and functional products.



We providing the latest technology, best quality of image and a legendary reliability.